About Us

Every home presents a bouquet of expressions. A bouquet that's a collective of emotions, experiences and beyond that, of everlasting relationships. At Gitanjali Developers, we are about creating homes that personify our thinking and our values – in every square foot of space we create for you.

At Gitanjali Developers, while we look into every aspect that makes a home complete, we ensure every home is an expression of elegance, while we go to great lengths to endeavour to give you value for your money with our top-class quality construction. At Gitanjali, we are always looking to give our home-buyers the utmost value and in return earn their trust, appreciation and everlasting loyalty.

Gitanjali Developers is Bengaluru-based new-age real estate company promoted and led by a group of professionals with experience and deep knowledge in the realms of Banking and Finance.


To create homes that are a blend of elegance, sophistication and quality, together all of which offer a complete living experience.


We will always work towards finding new ways of creating affordable luxuries by adopting engineering advancements in construction, along with an eye for detail and creativity, while being customer-focused staying consistent with our quality.


Value for Money: We will create luxuries that are accessible by all.

Customer Focus: We will always address the needs of our customers.

Trust: We will promise only what we can offer and offer what we promise.

Integrity: We will be upright and honest in whatever we undertake.

Teamwork: We will listen to our customers to create better homes.